Collection / Design

Independent development, client support in design decisions, focused development of new products with regard to quality and price are some of the factors that have influenced Kaiser’s differentiation strategy in recent years. Experience, creativity, innovation, as well as technical expertise are essential prerequisites in this regard. We always work together with our clients to find solutions for new products.

Our clients benefit from our broad market knowledge and keen sense for successful implementation. Technical implementation, logistical planning, as well as logistics and finishing are all carried out locally in Kleinheubach, which makes us immune to changes in the procurement markets.

By developing products together with our clients, we lay the foundation for sales success. We discuss and answer the question of the end consumer: Is the price-performance ratio of a product easy to tell? This is how we first evaluate the technical feasibility of creative ideas. We determine the means by which a certain quality can be achieved. This is developed in detail, discussed with the client, and then implemented in procurement and manufacturing.

Kaiser Business Center and Showroom

The Kaiser Business Center is located only 40 minutes from Frankfurt Airport. Here Kaiser clients can develop marketable products under excellent working conditions.

In addition to all modern means of communication, an extensive material library is available. Clients can work on their own or together with Kaiser, as they wish. Kaiser offers the necessary support for technical, design and economic possibilities of realization, depending on the requirements.

The premises can be flexibly used in different sizes and configurations.  The pleasant environment of the region allows for undisturbed, creative implementation of new ideas. The Kaiser Business Center is part of Kaiser’s comprehensive service package.

Technology / Modeling / Prototyping

Design as well as model creation and grading (resizing) are done in a separate department at Kaiser. The layer patterns and sections are transferred directly into the computer-controlled cutting of the production facilities.

Kaiser uses market-leading soft- and hardware to optimize and accelerate this process. Kaiser clients thus profit from improved times for “product-time-to-market”: Products can be brought to market faster.