Customized design

In contrast to normal vendors of clothing collections, Kaiser develops its product range together with its customers. Experience, creativity and innovation are the decisive factors here.

We are aware of the trends in the industry, are always on the lookout for new trends and can quickly implement the planned themes. Our customers profit from our wide-ranging knowledge of the market and our feeling for what can become the next success.

Adapting a model

Color samples for face fabrics

Computer-aided size adjustment of styles (graduation)

Kaiser has its own department for creating models and graduation (size adjustment). The layout patterns and cuts are transferred directly to the computer-aided cutting departments in the production plants.

Here Kaiser makes use of leading software and hardware to optimize and speed up this process. Kaiser's customers thus profit from improved product time to market. Products can be put on the market sooner.

CAD and ALYS-Plotter from LECTRA