International sourcing and production

Kaiser sources all of its raw materials and findings (for example, lining, buttons, shoulder padding and much, much more) on international markets. Kaiser has a reliable pool of suppliers who can quickly and reliably provide the desired quality in the agreed quantities.

By purchasing large quantities, Kaiser obtains excellent terms, from which our customers also profit. Hence Kaiser is quite capable of meeting the costing requirements of its customers.

Kaiser directly influences the production conditions and quality standards in its production plants. Capacity and production planning are taken over by headquarters.

Quality development, quality assurance and quality control are integral parts of the process chain. In exceptional cases, an order can be "put right on the line" and thus produced without any lead time.

Kaiser offers reliability, security of supply and flexibility even when deadlines are tight. Kaiser's customers profit from minimum risk with an outstanding price-performance ratio. In addition, Kaiser also acknowledges its social responsibility in the global production and trade process.