Responsible for the entire process chain

Kaiser can offer its customers an "all-round worry-free package" because Kaiser controls and takes responsibility for the entire process chain, from design up to inventory management. This is what distinguishes Kaiser from importers, agents or manipulators, who only take responsibility for a portion of the process chain.

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Collection / design

Experience, creativity and innovation, not to mention technical expertise, are the decisive factors here. Together with our customers, we look for and find solutions for new products.

Our customers profit from our broad knowledge of the market and our keen sense for what can be made into a success. Technical implementation, logistics planning, as well as logistics and finishing, are all located in Kleinheubach, which makes us independent of changes in the buying markets.

Product development

We lay the basis for successful sales by developing products together with our customers. We discuss and answer the questions of end consumers. Is it easy to see the price-performance ratio? This is where creative ideas are given a first check to see that they are technically feasible. We determine the best means to achieve a specific quality. This is developed in detail, discussed with the customer and implemented in sourcing and production.


Buying large quantities of raw materials puts Kaiser in a position to offer excellent terms to its customers. Many years of experience with suppliers and in selecting raw materials enable Kaiser to guarantee high quality and deliver as promptly as customers require.


Kaiser directly influences production at its affiliated production plants. Capacities and production are planned in Kleinheubach. Quality development, quality assurance and quality control are integral parts of the process chain. In exceptional cases, an order can be "put right on the line" and thus produced without any lead time.

Kaiser offers reliability, security of supply and flexibility even when deadlines are tight. Kaiser's customers profit from minimum risk with an outstanding price-performance ratio.

Inspecting cloth before production


Kaiser is a logistics expert. Kaiser not only has the necessary expertise, but also the technical conditions for supplying what its customers need on short notice. Our transport service includes delivery from the production plant to Kaiser and from Kaiser to the point of sale. The complicated customs clearing process is handled by computer from company headquarters.

Our warehouses in Kleinheubach take care of consignment control, sort picking and cross docking, as well as labeling. Attaching computer tickets and electronic article security tags are also part of our daily business.

Kaiser conducts a final quality control inspection (random check in accordance with DIN ISO 2859-1) as well as doing various finishing and ironing work. We are linked to most of our customers by means of electronic data interchange (EDI) for processing orders and transactions.

Warehouse in Kleinheubach

Inventory management

Some of Kaiser's customers would like inventory management for certain sales areas. To serve their needs, Kaiser has developed the necessary communication tools and EDP concepts to be able to ensure repeat orders or NOS (never out of stock) orders.