"Everything is possible!"

Kaiser was founded by husband and wife entrepreneurs Gisa and Adi Kaiser in 1984. Originally Kaiser attempted to obtain follow-up orders from mail-order companies. What counted most here was in-depth knowledge of the market on the sourcing side, as well as detailed information on available production capacities in order to be able to make deliveries in the shortest possible time. Back in those days, they used their home as their "headquarters", making their living room the "showroom".

Business has grown apace, but still the spirit of those days can be felt and has now become the company's guiding principle, "Everything is possible!" In the early nineties, Kaiser was one of the first clothing producers to do business on the territory of the then Soviet Union, entering into successful cooperation schemes with the local state combines, enhancing them technically and running production successfully for many years in these countries.


It was in the mid-nineties that Kaiser first started producing in the Far East – at that time, mainly in Vietnam and China. Today, most of Kaiser's production facilities are located in the Far East. The new company headquarters building opened in 1999. Company founder Adolf Kaiser died on November 14, 2005. For many years, his unique personality had put its stamp on the company, from the very beginning. In later years, he was able to enjoy his well-earned retirement in the bosom of his family, and practicing his favorite hobby – flying. 

In the same year, Kaiser opened its new logistics center. The more than 20,000 sqm of floor space made it possible to pursue a strategy of vertical integration and meet the increased logistical demands of the market. Today, the company is managed by brothers Michael and Stefan Kaiser.