All of Kaiser's corporate activities are controlled from its headquarters in Kleinheubach near Frankfurt am Main. This is where all creative, technical and administrative activities are coordinated.

As a rule, this is also where specific collections are drawn up, which take shape in the course of cooperation between the customer and our key account manager.

This is an important condition for making our customers successful on the market – because only a combination of exact knowledge of the market and the requirements of the customer enables us to bring the right product to market at the right time and with the right content.

Corporate headquarter Corporate headquarters in Kleinheubach, Germany

Warehouse in Kleinheubach, Germany

Kaiser keeps a large number of NOS (never out of stock) articles on hand for its customers.

Our two modern logistics centers – with floor space amounting to approx. 20,000 sqm and equipped with the latest logistics system – enable customers to place orders for NOS articles on a daily basis.

For this purpose, we are linked to many of our customers by means of EDI (electronic data interchange). This ensures error-free, electronic order placement for customers as well as quick, error-free transmission of the delivery documents.

Kaiser runs another sales and planning office in Hangzhou, China. This primarily serves as a technical platform from which the activities of our technical staff are coordinated.

In addition, this office provides our customers with an opportunity to make purchasing decisions directly on site and discuss separate import programs.

We also offer our customers the opportunity to make stopovers in our office during their trips to the Far East.

Hangzhou is located roughly two hours by car from Shanghai. All major cities in China can be reached conveniently, safely and within very short periods of time from the local airport.

Hangzhou Office, China Hangzhou Office, China